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Be part of the show by calling in 888-627-6008 toll free or Direct 323-744-4831. You can ask your questions.

Some of the topics we will be discussing over the next few weeks include:

1) Renovation Basics - Click here to follow along

2) How to fire your contractor - Click here for more info

3) How to sell commercial properties with 3.5% down.

4) How to become a 203k Consultant - More info

5) What is the most unusual project you have done?

6) What can a contractor expect from a project?

7) Investor loans and second home financing.

8) Having issues with your renovation project we offer help in that regard. More info

Stay tuned to this page for additional show topics, these are just a few and not in any particular order. Your questions will dictate just how the show plays out on any given day.

 Guest host request. We will have guest hosts from time to time, that might be a lender, consultant, investor, or other. There is no charge for being a guest host. You will be answering questions for our callers.  If you would like to be a guest host please let us know.